Monday, January 22, 2007

The Schoenleber Reading Room

The Schoenlieber Reading Room includes four sections, one for young people, one for kids, one for adults, and a foreign language section including 40 languages! It also has 17 internet computers, these computers also have access to CountyCat, Milwaukee County's 14 library group. These 14 libraries are all connected for interlibrary loan.
Here is CountyCat, the online catalog:


Liz said...

Kaia! I love your blog. Reading about the Milwaukee Public Library made me feel right at home. I used to use CountyCat when I was a kid! Speaking of kids... the kids section DOES rock. Love your videos. I really love the Art, Music and Recreation section too. I'll have to hit up this library next time I go home.

Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Public Library looks amazing! I love how the rooms are separated from one another, allowing each one to likely have its individual atmosphere. The children's section is adorable, and I would totally have climbed up that lighthouse too if I went there!