Monday, January 22, 2007

Their Mission and Vision

The Milwaukee Public Library is every person's gateway to an expanding world of information. Providing the best in library service, the staff guides Milwaukeeans in their pursuit of knowledge, enjoyment and lifelong learning, ultimately enriching individual lives and the community as a whole.

The Milwaukee Public Library provides materials, services and facilities for all citizens of Milwaukee and others in order to meet present and future informational needs and raise the level of civilization in Milwaukee.


Aras said...

I thought that this library looked pretty impressive. It had a huge collection of materials and I was realy impressed with the children's section that had the disco lights.

Katie said...

I liked this library and how it was sectioned off. The kids section was absolutely amazing! I would want to play there! What i found interesting was that they have such an amazing library, but they also have a really big homeless problem outside, so they probably dont get as many visitors because of that. This blog was definitely well done, I enjoyed it. I also liked the powerpoint that went with it.

Monica.S said...

I love how EVERYONE (except for the Newberry people) commented on the children's sections. They're definitely the most fun part of the library. Great blog!

Why can't we have lighthouse in our library? It would be awesome.